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Age: 50

Part of RSC since 2016

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I've been working with RSC for about two years now. It is a good and fun place to work at. Mr Neo is a quiet person, give many chances and make us happy. He is always there to help with any problem or issue we faced.

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I've been working with RSC for more than a year and I really enjoy working in RSC. This is because they give me the chance to work at a place which fits me best. By working with Mr Neo, it is easier for me to express my discontent and problems and he'll make the necessary adjustments where necessary. He really takes care of our welfare.

Age: 55

Part of RSC since 2018


Even though I have worked here for only half a year, I knew him for more than a decade. He is of good character, will take care of his employees & will always be ready to teach us. You can tell him anything, he will definitely help us when we face any challenges!

Age: 65

Part of RSC since 2019

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I like to work in RSC & I like Mr Neo. I have been here for more than 11 months coming close to a year (since I joined in 2019). I find it very good working here because I like it, the boss is fine with me, (so as the) environment & the management. I find passion in my work (which is) why I keep going here (for work).

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Age: 66

Part of RSC since 2019

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I work here for 6 to 7 months now and I am so happy. The boss is so good to me and I am good to the boss too! He is seriously a good boss and I am happy about that, he is easy-going. When he is happy, I am happy too.

Age: 85

Part of RSC since 2019

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