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Every "I" in RSC DREAM TEAM values


Resilience | Safety | Client Commitment

Discipline | Respect | Efficiency | Agility | Motivation


IntegrityWe value utmost honest, compliance and moral conduct in all that we do & say.

Resilience: We persevere in spite of all challenges & still deliver quality work.

Safety: We ensure a 100% safe environment for all to work and live in.

Client Commitment: Our clients are central at all times & are part of the team. Our working relationships & agreements are based on trust, transparency & effective communication to strive for win-win situations altogether.

Discipline: An all-encompassing characteristic every employee needs to maintain professionalism, proactiveness & reliability.

Respect: We respect & show compassion for one another as well as all properties.

Agility: We develop competent & vigilant officers who are highly committed to achieving our goals effectively & efficiently. We are always ready for unforeseen circumstances & opportunities for growth. 

Motivation: We ensure our employees' way of work also aligns with their way of life to stimulate intrinsic motivation for the highest quality of work.

Teamwork: We are professionals who hold onto all the above values with the interests of our clients & teammates in mind at all times. Our joint goal is to win together & do well in the Private Security industry by consistently showing the best versions of ourselves and make better decisions together.



Mr Neo served the SAF for 26 years where he held several distinguished appointments namely, Training Officer in Officer Cadet School & School of Infantry Specialist and Executive Officer in Tuas Defence Squadron. He was responsible for planning, training, operations & deployment and supervise more than 1000 active & NSmen. He then joined the Private Security Industry for more than 8 years now, with forte in Operational & Contingency Planning, training & man management. Mr Neo is known to all employees for compassion, dedication,  & warmth. We can't deny that, for he is an animal lover too! He also speaks multiple dialects to connect with the aged & remembers lingo to chat with the young. In essence, it is his leadership skills that propels everyone to do better against all odds. 


Mr. Neo

Mr Foo served the SAF for 18 years as Logistic Officer. He was responsible for deployment, operations & training in the training centre & division headquarters. He has been in the Private Security industry for more than 12 years sharing the same forte as Mr. Neo. In previous security companies, Mr. Foo was the Training & Operations Manager planning, deploying & supervising more than 120 Security Officers (SOs). His experience includes handling of condominium, commercial building, hotel, warehouse operation & safety management. He is reliable & a great advisor to the RSC team!


Mr. Foo

For close to 3.5 years, Thandar previously worked as an Administrative Operations Executive & has been in the security industry for seven years. Known to Mr Neo as the backbone of RSC, she is in charge of the financial management, human resources, & all administration for close to four years now. As the Administrative Operations Executive, her skills are indeed indispensable by handling payroll to tax filing in a calm and professional manner on a daily basis! She shares her favourite quote to inspire,


"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work & learning from failure" by Colin Powell. Thandar indeed lives by it!



Jia Wei is our Operations Executive responsible for the planning of manpower deployment & handling of emergencies or situations requiring investigations. Previously as a technician at Chambers International Pte. Ltd., Jia Wei accumulated 3 ½ years of knowledge in facility management. He has achieved & now holds various certifications like Food & Beverage Safety, Hygiene Policies & Procedures, & Operate Vertical Personnel Platform. Jia Wei also completed numerous security courses to understand the field & the needs of our SOs. 


What the rest of the team says about Jia Wei are that he’s approachable, down-to-earth & open to changes plus challenges. He enjoys fishing too. Ever ready to go, it’s no wonder he believes in finishing tasks at hand - “Don’t stop when you are tired, stop when you are done.”


Jia Wei

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