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Years of observing, listening, cooperating with law enforcements and following relevant legislations have built our expertise about the Private Security sector. To support the overall strategic planning in delivering tip-top security, we first apply our threat vulnerability risk assessment techniques and evaluate your current solutions. We aim to assist clients by recommending appropriate security technologies and other relevant measures so as to better mitigate the identified risks in our project management – the goal in mind & desired outcome.



RSC’s principal activities include carrying professional protection duties for persons, properties and general maintenance of public law and order. RSC has done so for 42 sites, ranging from industrial sites, warehouses, residential, and commercial buildings. Our hiring policies ensure that we maintain the standard of profiling and job matching. This is because we believe in the compatibility of personal and organisational goals.

In line with our business philosophy, we keep our policies senior-centric. Our older workers have shown flexibility in terms of enjoying the freedom of such an unconventional job yet also using their abilities to tackle challenging situations. They are always eager to pick up new skills and pass down the wisdom to younger generations, serving as great life mentors too. We believe they contribute to harmonious working relationships which yield better results for our company. RSC values our manpower and invest in them, sending them to WSG for constant upgrading, giving credit when it is due by job promotions.

Seeking fulfilment in your retirement years?

Are you firm yet friendly? Waiting for university to start?

Looking to gain a new insight in a different industry amongst your peers?

Do you prefer physical work to being desk-bound?

Join us now by applying here.



During our consultations, we aim to share what we have at hand and discuss with the clients on what are the required, good-to-have-s, the older and newest solutions. At our sites now our Security Officers are equipped to handle electronics such as alarms, access control and CCTVs. Protecting in front, they are experienced with fences, barricades and gates for visitors plus vehicles. At the back end, we have technology for all reporting, logging, verification and all other basic communications.

Strategic deployment of manpower coupled with infrastructure and technology advancements will definitely enhance the overall physical security service we provide.

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